What is an EPDM Roof?

EPDM rubber roofing membrane is a great roofing material as it boasts low maintenance needs and flexibility. However, over time, you'll likely experience some of its weaknesses as well. For example, the black rubber or synthetic fiber in these roofs absorb a great deal of the sun's heat and UV rays resulting in premature breakdown, loss in flexibility, roof tears, and punctures. With these punctures and tears, moisture is allowed in and causes deterioration in the surface underneath. This can lead to damage, mold, and eventually leaks. In addition, the black surface can reach temperatures exceeding 160 degrees in the hot summer months adversely impacting your cooling costs. Grand View's membrane restoration systems are specifically designed to address these issues in rubber roof membranes.


Common Failures For EPDM Roofs

A common problem with EPDM roofs is loosening seams. This allows water to get between the roof and your structure, leading to water damage. We apply a system that provides the benefits of reflectivity and waterproofing without removing the existing membrane.

Which Solution Fits Me?

The Grand View Solution


Membrane Restoration System

Warranty: Up to 10 years
Insulation Value: none
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Single-Ply Membrane System

Warranty: Up to 25 years
Insulation Value:
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Benefits of The Membrane Restoration System

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Roof Leak Protection

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Significant Energy Savings

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Lower Maintenance Costs

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No Demolition & Disposal Fees

How do I know if my roof needs repair?

Check out these 6 signs that show how your roof is wearing out.